Why would you choose to use my services?

I have a vast range of experience in Early Years and childcare stretching over a 30 year period. I have worked in a voluntary capacity as a pre-school committee member; in the private sector running my own day nursery businesses (for 10 years) and worked in the public sector for local government in an advisory, support and training capacity (for 14 years).


These experiences provide me with empathy around the difficulties that arise in juggling the needs of parents, meeting the care and educational needs of children, running a business and employing and training staff as well as complying with all sorts of legislation including Ofsted’s regulatory requirements.

It is a challenge and you often need to find solutions to problems. It can be particularly difficult when you are directly involved as a leader or manager. It can also be a lonely position as a business owner when you may not have peers you can turn to for advice in situations such as disciplining staff. You have to make decisions and at the same time try to meet everyone’s needs.

I can help. I have the experience and background and understand and appreciate these difficulties.

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What Others Say

“Debra took me under her wing and helped me to navigate safely around various challenges, which I had little experience of at the time”.
Jane Dyke, (Yellow Dot Nursery,) October 2015
“When TSA wanted to create an opportunity for child care in the Dowd’s Farm Community, Debra was our first port of call”.
Majors Ian & Louise Davis, (Hedge End Salvation Army), July 2015
“She has developed an enviable reputation in the market as a guide and mentor to numerous businesses”.
Colin Skinner, (work colleague), December 2015
Working closely with Debra, I have seen first- hand how well she can work under pressure and in extreme circumstances.
Victoria Betts, (Work Colleague), December 2015

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