The brief:

The client approached me as she had become fed up at work; a job she had once loved and had been doing for many years. It was no longer giving her the satisfaction that it once had. She said that she wanted help with securing a new job.

The offer:

Personal Development Coaching

Typically this client had come to me in the past for advice. However feeling that a job change was an enormous decision for this person I suggested that coaching might be a better solution.

She had not been coached before so I explained the process. That it would not be me advising her on what to do or even making suggestions. I would be listening very attentively, asking appropriate questions to ascertain her priorities, and supporting her to think about and plan the steps, that she would need to take.

I also advised that the nature of coaching allows a client to become more self-aware. The coach often needs to ‘stretch’ the client out of their comfort zone by asking questions that sometimes challenge the thinking and help a person to think differently.

It was clear that she had many misconceptions about what coaching entailed but she was keen to proceed as she felt that this this would be a very good way to get her the results she wanted quickly and effectively (see link to ‘Coaching – Q & A and introductory offer’).

The Solution:

The coaching ‘intake session’ – this was the first session and provided an opportunity for me to find out about the clients priorities in life, about her core values and beliefs, and why she had decided that a new job was the solution.

This required attentive listening and skillful questioning to really explore her rationale for this decision.

She explained how she worked hard; had always been willing to support colleagues and to take on additional responsibilities, however she was being approached to do more and she was feeling very tired with putting in extra hours to get the work done.

She had not complained, but she was starting to feel unappreciated and there was no recognition from her manager. She also knew that many aspects of her key role were slipping and affecting the productivity of the organisation.

Her inability to change things was knocking her confidence and having a negative impact on other areas of her life; low energy and enthusiasm for the sports that she loved, loss of time with her family and she felt unfulfilled.

‘I had initially thought that I needed a new job because I had become despondent at work. I felt that I did not get the recognition for all that I did for the company that I worked for, which was way above my original remit’

I asked questions that challenged her perception and beliefs about what was possible. There were underlying issues; she explained how she felt frustrated as she had not had the courage to broach the matter with her manager. I listened and then used sensitive questioning to explore why this was, and why she thought it was an impossible task.

She drew her own conclusions and became aware that if she broke away from her usual behaviour of acceptance and compliance that it could actually give her more options. She then realised that what she actually wanted was not to get another job but to continue in her current role. She wanted to seek the recognition that she felt she deserved and to reclaim her self-confidence.

She knew that this would be a challenge and she would need to do things differently if she was going to achieve her goal. She wanted support and encouragement to achieve.

The Personal Development Coaching course:

A series of 6 sessions lasting ¾ hour over the following 6 weeks were planned.

I encouraged and praised my client with all that she had achieved on a weekly basis. I helped her to focus on small steps; she made all the decisions about what was realistic and achievable and with my support set her own challenges which in turn led to more confidence.

‘. . . . . . by taking small steps on a weekly basis and keeping me focussed each week on what I had managed to do and looking at how I could change the outcome by doing things from a different approach, I was able to achieve what I most wanted’

Week by week I noticed that my client was happier and gaining more self-worth. She had been empowered to take positive steps to achieve her ultimate goal.
The outcome:

‘The outcome was that I achieved my goal both from a financial point of view and also from a well-being point of view by making my employer realise that I wasn’t being appreciated and that I did indeed do many extra activities that I was not employed to do’

Additional benefits:

‘. . . . . my home life has dramatically changed as I don’t have to spend my time discussing with my husband how frustrating it had become at work!’

‘I would recommend Debra to anyone looking for help in any aspect of their life, as an individual or on a company basis, as I am sure you will be very happy with the outcome as I have been’

Could coaching help you too?

See ‘Coaching – Q & A and introductory offer‘.

Do you think you need a new job like this client? It may be that there are other options which you have not even considered. Coaching can help you to explore these and may help you with a different course of action. If you would like to know more please contact me.