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News! – recognition for work carried out in the Early Years (EY) sector.

I feel both privileged and overwhelmed to have received, the ‘Coaching within Education’ award at The Coaching Academy’s (TCA) annual International Awards event.

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Is speaking or presenting in public a big fear for you? It is for many and it was for me

You may not be surprised to hear that research has shown that for many the fear of speaking or presenting in public rates higher than that of dying.

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What do business owners, managers and teams want and need to succeed?

You may ask, how would I understand and know how to help you with this? I have been in business twice over: running a two-site nursery/pre-school business employing a team of 35 people and currently run a business as an independent advisor, trainer and coach.

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How do you spend your time? – ‘don’t die with your potential intact’.

Just stop for a minute and consider this quote which stopped me in my tracks. I read it when at a crossroads in my life: a time when I could say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to stability, certainty and financial security or give them up for less of all these things.

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I stopped making new year’s resolutions a long time ago, and felt liberated

Are you sat there thinking, ‘Yes, why am I not where I want to be with mine?’

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Is dealing with conflict so difficult?

What makes humans react in the way that they do? Often shying away from it, turning their back on it, pretending it’s not happening or just totally ignoring it? Of course, this is not true of everyone, but many of you who are reading this now, will be thinking, ‘yes, that’s me’. How can this be changed?

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Addressing the Leadership and Management skills shortage in Early Years

In the early years sector, there is currently a lack of trained staff. Business owners and managers are telling me that they are struggling to find high calibre staff to meet their needs, particularly at room supervisor or middle management level.

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Leadership – Observe and Practice What Works Well

Think about those people that you consider are the best leaders and managers and notice what they do and how they do it.

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What Makes a Great Leader and Manager?

Over the years many Leadership and Management theorists have attempted to define the roles but what is still apparent is that there is no agreed or unequivocal definition.