Here at last! The Hampshire Early Years Network (HEN for short) long awaited August 2018 Pay Survey.

Many of you will know that I have been running an early years’ business owners and managers network (known as HEN) for some time now.

We are in our third year and have had many interesting debates, speakers and bite-sized training events in that time. We have learnt a lot from each other.

It’s a small forum of enthusiastic and committed individuals – happy to share information and ideas in a safe and confidential environment.

A problem shared is a problem reduced! Often experiences and problems are similar, and sharing can be beneficial.

It’s a great support network with an agenda set by the members. I simply organise the comfortable venue to give members dedicated ‘time out’ from their settings; consult with members about what’s needed and do all the coordinating, facilitating and follow up.

Members were keen for me to carry out a post April 2018 pay survey and they have been good enough to allow me to share the findings, as before.

I know how difficult it is to gauge what others are paying but I hope this survey will give you ‘food for thought’ and help with your planning around pay scales.

As always in this sector there is a lot to consider and many pressures.

On a more positive note getting together with motivated EY professionals may be just what is needed?

Just give me a call on 07470 235 250 or send me an email: to find out more or just fill in my contact form.

This term’s network meetings will be held on 25 September and 27 November from 10am – 12.30pm in Otterbourne (venue located between Eastleigh and Winchester).

You can come along as a guest and meet with like-minded people to seek solutions to problems and to know that help and support is on hand, both from within the network membership and provided by myself.

I have arranged speakers for both meetings to pick up on members needs and interests; preparing for an Ofsted inspection and keeping up to speed with safeguarding practice.

I charge a small annual fee for my services and can be that professional ‘sounding board’ too if needed.

I also send regular emails (but not too frequently!) between meetings covering news, alerts, interesting information, tips and blog articles

For more information about HEN and the background see link here.

So here it is the long-awaited pay survey!

There is also a downloadable PDF with self-explanatory notes included. Download.

Position Minimum Maximum Average Minimum Average Maximum Notes
L3 Nursery Nurse £6.66 £9.00 £7.76 £8.22 NMW applied to some
L2 Nursery Assistant £4.20 £7.95 £6.50 £7.48 NMW applied to some
L3 PS Worker £7.48 £8.10 £7.77 £8.01
L2 PS Worker £7.90 £7.90 £7.90 £7.90 Only 1 x setting
Unqualified Nursery/PS Assistant £4.20 £7.95 £6.56 £7.40 NMW applied in most
Nursery Manager £11.44 £16.75 £12.99 £14.53
PS Manager £9.33 £15.00  £11.77  £11.77 Set rates apply
Nursery Deputy Manager £9.00 £12.44  £9.53  £10.45
PS Deputy Manager £7.84 £11.00 £9.13  £9.67
Room Leaders/Seniors £7.96 £11.44  £8.71  £9.32

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Tel: 07470 235 250