Hampshire Early Years Network (HEN) Pay Survey 2018

You may recall that during Autumn 2016 I completed a survey of pay scales for various EY posts for the Hampshire and Southampton areas.

I am an independent EY advisor/trainer/coach, but up until December 2015 I used to be one of the Childcare Development and Business Officers (CDBOs) within Hampshire County Council, Services for Young Children. Prior to that I ran my own Day Nurseries Business for ten years.

I was approached early in 2016 by a couple of business owners who asked me if I would facilitate and coordinate an EY network, which is one of the roles that I now have. They felt something was missing and wanted an opportunity to meet up with like-minded individuals and have focused professional discussions and work on finding solutions to problems and to share ideas in a trusting and confidential environment.

The network members wanted me to carry out another pay survey, which I have now completed. They have also very kindly agreed that this information could be shared more widely with other local providers.

I know that it is difficult to gauge what the average current rates of pay are in this sector and of course this varies depending on where in the country you operate.

I am not aware that a survey has been carried out in the Hampshire area so hopefully you will find this information useful.

There is much to consider when setting your pay scales not least the impact that changing legislation has on cashflow and budgets: National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage, 30 hours EYE and Auto Enrolment have all made a difference to what EY providers can pay by way of wages.

See below for more information and the downloadable PDF with additional notes included here.

The Hampshire Early Years Network is a very small group of business owners and managers. Membership is limited to 25 places. A few vacancies exist at present.

If you are interested in joining or would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact me or see information about networks here and here when HEN celebrated the first year of operating in Summer 2017.

Position Minimum Maximum Average Minimum Average Maximum
L3 Nursery Nurse £5.90 £10.00 £7.38 £8.28
L2 Nursery Assistant £4.05 £8.70 £6.38 £7.34
L3 PS Worker £7.38 £8.75 £7.64 £8.10
L2 PS Worker £4.05 £7.70 £6.68 £6.99
Unqualified Nursery/PS Assistant £3.50 £5.80 £4.05 £7.01
Nursery Manager £10.00 £18.41 £12.84 £13.82
PS Manager £8.97  £12.00  £10.71  £11.00
Nursery Deputy Manager £8.00 £14.55  £9.92  £10.68
PS Deputy Manager £7.87  £12.00  £9.05  £9.62
Room Leaders/Seniors £7.73  £11.11  £8.47  £9.23

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Email: debra.mcandrew@earlyyearsadvocacy.co.uk
Tel: 07470 235 250