During the Autumn 2016 I completed a survey of pay scales for various EY posts for the Hampshire and Southampton areas.

If you do not know me, I am an independent EY Advisor and Trainer and I used to work as one of the Childcare Development and Business Officers within Hampshire County Council until December 2015.

It is sometimes difficult to gauge what the average current rates of pay are in this sector.

A more competitive salary may be considered to get the best person for a position, however, with other pressures this may not be possible.

There is much to consider and variants which impact on the wages you will, or can pay.

I thought however, that it might be helpful, and of interest, to share the outcome of this survey – please see the details below, including the notes, which are self-explanatory.

Position Minimum Maximum Average Minimum Average Maximum
L3 Nursery Nurse £6.49 £9.22 £8.04 £8.01
L2 Nursery Assistant £6.49 £8.20 £7.32 £7.54 (Some pay min. wage for age)
L3 PS Worker £7.00 £8.50 £7.38 £7.77
L2 PS Worker £7.20 £7.75 £7.38 £7.46
Unqualified Nursery/PS Assistant £4.02 £7.69 £6.46 £6.98 (Includes apprentices & trainees)
Nursery Manager £9.60 £18.22 £12.03 £13.70
PS Manager  £8.46  £14.00  £10.50  £11.63
Nursery Deputy Manager  £8.35  £12.13  £9.30  £10.02
PS Deputy Manager  £7.56  £12.13 £9.00  £9.27
Room Leaders/Seniors  £7.50  £11.49  £8.09  £8.99

Please also see a PDF download option of the HEN paycale here.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

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