News! – recognition for work carried out in the Early Years (EY) sector.

So often the importance of the Early Years and Childcare sector can be overlooked.

We work with the youngest and most vulnerable of children at one of the most important times in their lives, as well as very closely with their families. We play a key part in their learning and development; we keep children safe and protect them from harm and we help them to reach their full potential before going on to school.

For these reasons, I feel both privileged and overwhelmed to have received, the ‘Coaching within Education’ award from Bev James (CEO) of The Coaching Academy (TCA) at the annual International Awards event – what an honour! – for me and for the recognition that this gives to the sector.

How did it come about?

Some of you may know that I have been an advisor, trainer and coach for many years but decided to do a formal coaching qualification when I established Early Years Advocacy.

I completed the training in 2017 and have continued with a range of CPD training in this field since then, including being part of the NLPing networking group. Meeting up with other coaches and those trained and experienced in Neurolinguistic Programming as a way of gaining more knowledge and understanding in this specialism.

TCA – established nearly 20 years ago with several external, professional and academic endorsements and accreditations, invited me to apply for one of their International Coaching Awards.

They have presented awards annually to coaches working in a range of sectors for the last 4 years.

What motivated me to become a professional coach and why did I apply for the award?

I realised many years ago that supporting others is a real passion for me – coaching enables me to support people with whatever is important for them; it’s their agenda.

It’s a strategy which helps to motivate and release potential. With commitment a person can achieve success.

The EY Sector has been struggling and underfunding by government has consequently had an impact on both the financial viability of businesses as well as employment to the sector. It’s a tough field to work in.

Raising the profile and the importance of the work that we do at any opportunity is important to me.

I went into this sector to make a difference in the lives of young children, their parents and those who work with them.

It had been an ongoing battle for me particularly with the inevitable constraints of employment within the Public Sector but now as an independent EY advisor, trainer and coach I have so much freedom and more job satisfaction that I feel able to ‘make more of a difference’.

I have worked with a range of clients using my coaching skills and wanted to be recognised in an industry outside of EY and to take my coaching outside of EY too was another goal that I had set myself.

I was up for the challenge and achieving the accolade would give me more credibility.

What else?

Completing the qualification and continuing with CPD through TCA and other means has given me so much more than honed coaching skills: knowledge and understanding of people; self-awareness and resilience; helping me to deal with life’s challenges.

Coaching has also provided me with different experiences, work, contacts and many opportunities that I may otherwise not have had, including working with a national charity called ‘Children’s Links’; coaching and mentoring the leads for EY networks (for more information see here).

‘Special thanks to Les Simpson for his generous support, his wise advice and dry sense of humour that always made me smile’ 😉

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